supported employment

Work is more than a job ― it gives structure and purpose to the day; it’s a reason to get out of bed in the morning and go to bed tired at night; it’s a source of pride for our members, and rightly so.

Why should you hire our members?

They’re hard workers – often highly skilled and always willing to learn.

They’re reliable and dependable – on time and ready to work.

They’re productive – aware of what is expected of them and focused on the task at hand.



I like my job a lot. I’ve been a utility worker and bagger at Dominick’s, working three days a week for four or five hour shifts. I’ve made friends at work; everyone is so nice to me. The customers are nice, the other employees are nice – I try to get along with everyone. The bus picks me up right out front of my apartment and takes me to work. At the end of the day, the bus picks me up at Dominick’s and brings me home.
– Diana

NFC follows an Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model to help our members succeed in their jobs.

Benefits to employers: We work with you to identify your business needs, selecting the right candidate for the job. Then, if you choose, our disability awareness training optimizes integration into your workforce. During employment, we provide services to promote and encourage outstanding performance, while maintaining communication with you for satisfaction assurance.

Benefits to members: We prepare members for employment by assessing their capabilities, delivering training in soft skills and new-hire behavior, and providing peer support. Upon and after hiring the member, we offer ongoing support, including help with transportation and money management.

Benefits to the community: Members seek meaning and purpose in their lives. Like so many of us, this comes through work. Through work comes growth, community participation, and economic contribution.

Meet our team!


Kristin Drake
Employment Specialist

Kristin has been at NFC since 2014. She relocated from Milwaukee to the Chicagoland area prior to joining NFC, during which time she worked in education and customer service. She holds a degree in Political Economy from Carthage College and enjoys doing DIY projects and spending time with her dog and fiancé.


Britt Carlson
Employment Specialist

Britt earned her degree in Social Work because she enjoys learning about people’s life experiences and helping others find happiness. She has been at NFC since March 2015, after spending 5 years working as a mental health professional in St. Louis. In her spare time she spends much of her time going to sporting events with her family and friends.


David Zimmerman
Employment Coordinator

David has been with NFC since 2013 and enjoys helping members pursue their vocational goals. Before joining NFC, David spent the last 5 years in the U.S. Navy working at Naval Hospitals in Virginia and Japan. He holds a degree in Public Administration from the University of Colorado, and enjoys visiting parks with his family and exploring museums.