supported employment

Work is more than a job ― it gives structure and purpose to the day; it’s a reason to get out of bed in the morning and go to bed tired at night; it’s a source of pride for our members, and rightly so.

“I like my job a lot ― I’m been a utility clerk, a bagger, at Dominick’s, working three days a week, four or five hours each shift. I’ve made friends at work: everyone is so nice to me – the customers are nice; the other employees are nice – I try to get along with everyone. The bus picks me up right out front of my apartment and takes me to work; at the end of the day, the bus picks me up at Dominick’s and brings me home.” ― Diane

People tell us they want to work. More than one-third of New Foundation Center members are employed in the community, many for several years at the same job. No matter the condition of our bodies and minds, the need to work remains one of our strongest drives. Our employment specialists know that nearly every person with serious mental illness can benefit from the process of looking for, finding and working in a rewarding job.

Supported Employment - Individual Placement & Supports

If you want to work we help you:

To help you persist in your job search we help you:

When you get your job we help you:

To learn more contact employment@newfoundationcenter.org or call 847-386-3064 and ask for info on employment help.